Friday Evening
Anchor Inn

128 S. Main Street

$15/person includes buffet, tax & tip. Alcoholic beverages NOT included.

Adults ONLY please.

Saturday Morning
Hutchinson High School

810 E 13th St

We will meet in the front lobby (which is on 13th Street now). We're expecting about 40 to attend, so we'll have a large group. If you haven't heard from me and are not sure if you are signed up or not, please email me at

There is a u-shaped drive in front of the building, and the Salthawk Activity Center is just to the west of that.

Tour attendees may park in the drive in front of the building, or in the Salthawk Activity Center lot, which is located at 13th and Obee Plaza (Across from Sports Arena for those of you who need a common location reference!)

If you have questions, you can call or text Keri Battershell Renner at (785) 817-3125. I attached photos, so hope that helps!

A BIG THANK YOU to Becki Schmidt Ackley for arranging this tour for all of us! See you Saturday morning!

Families are Welcome

Saturday Evening
Morton Building @ Fairgrounds


$35/person (early registration)
$40/person (After May 26th)
includes catered dinner, beer & margaritas

Here is a map you can print out

This is NOT a formal event, but please dont wear flip flops and cutoffs either.

Adults ONLY please